Are You In Need of a Personal Trainer?

If anyone is interested in a Personal Trainer with an extensive background in running, contact Kevin Bandru Sr.

Kevin specializes on running with goals of improving performance, through strength, endurance, speed, nutrition, or any other personal training need or desire. Kevin is well versed the Sports Medicine aspect of running, so if you have an injury, have been laid off of running, or have a condition that you may think may be limiting your athlethic success or in meeting your desired goals call Kevin at 570-383-1766 or email: [email protected].

Training can be done wherever you would like such as, your home, the gym which you belong to, a local running site, etc. Remember this Personal Training is not limited to running it can be for any aspect of the Sport and Fitness community.

Kevin’s recent background includes Trainer with the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Red Barons
Meyers High School Athletic Trainer
Athletic Trainer at Geisinger Hospital Sports Medicine.