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Februaury 18, 2006
    This week was yet another good one to get outdoors and run.  I enjoyed a very warm but slow five mile run despite feeling a bit under the weather this past Thursday.  Apparently temperatures reached the 50's and although my headcold has the grip on me as I am writing this, it was a rewarding run.  The forecast of single digits this weekend serves as a reminder that winter is still around and Punxsutawney Phil may have had the right forecast with Spring not being official for a few more weeks. 
    On the other hand, earlier this week I spotted one of Phil's cousins in a field near my home in the Butler Valley. I will refer to him as "Butler Bud". Our local furbearer was enjoying some quiet time in the grass rather than resting in a cold dark hole like he was supposed to be. I visited the "Punxsutawney Phil" official website read that February 2nd is the day the groundhog comes out of his hole after a long winter's sleep to look for his shadow. And he sees it, we have six more weeks of bad weather and then he returns to his hole. If the day is cloudy and shadowless, Spring is near and stays above ground. I don't know who will be more accurate, Phil or Bud. Regardless, with The Run for the Cookies less than a week away my biological clock is telling me it is time to gear up for the 2006 racing season.  
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Christina Parlatore was one of many area runners who consulted with Registered Dietician, Amy Cartwright at Palermo Chiropractic as part of a complimentary service provided to area. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)


This past Saturday proved to be a very busy day as many Hazleton Area Runners presented at my office for Runner's Appreciation Day.  Our fleetfooted athletes were treated to complimentary chiropractic services in addition to massage and nutritional advice.  I have been treating area athletes for more than two decades and have found them to be a rewarding group of people to treat.  They not only know how their bodies should perform but care for it as well and do what is necessary to improve or maintain peak performance.
Yesterday I educated runners on poor foot biomechanics and the fact that poor foot structure can affect the joints of the foot which in turn will affect the knees, hips and the back.  I think most runners realize poor foot biomechanics will provide excessive stress on bones, joints and soft-tissues with an end result that equates in pain and dysfunction.  I was glad to not only provide fitting for foot orthotics but also instructions upon proper joint range of motion and and specific stretching mauevers to improve running mechanics.  Certified massage therapist, Stephanie Scallion was rewarded by many compliments as a result of her great touch and the relaxing atmosphere she provided to some hardworking back and leg muscles belonging to our runners.  Registered Dietician, Amy Cartwright evaluated runner's diets in addition to performing body fat analysis and calculating body mass index.  Nutrition is an important part of a runner's training program and perhaps the one subject that is most overlooked.  I think we all learned a lot from Amy's expertise in her field and hopefully the results of her advice will be realized at the finish line this year.
If you missed our complimentary services yesterday, our professional services are available year round.  Anyone in need of chiropractic, dietary and massage services can call my office for an appointment at 459-1110 although services will not be complimentary.
Rendick leads the pack in Miami
Ryan Rendick who is mostly known for his talent in the sport of tennis switched gears and ran a great ING Miami Half Marathon last weekend by recording a sensational 1:40 on only a modest training regimen.  He may have been the first Hazleton Area runner to cross the finish line in Miami.  Some athletes are just naturally gifted and Rendick happens to be one of them.  Congratulations.